TakeDown Workshop

On the 18th of September, the Institute of Law and Technology, held the Workshop “Ethical and legal issues in Security: ensuring data protection.” The Workshop was organised in the context of the Takedown project and aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners on the discussion of the current hot topics regarding the protection of personal data in the field of security and in security technologies.

The workshop, that took place in the Law School (Facultat de Dret) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, benefitted from the expert knowledge of participants coming from European Security Agencies (Europol, Eurojust), legal research, artificial intelligence and other European and International projects in the field (ASGARD, Data to Decisions CRC). The results of the Workshop will be made available through the different dissemination and communication channels of the Takedown project. For more info, check; https://www.takedownproject.eu/