1st Workshop on Technologies for Regulatory Compliance

Workshop within the 30th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems (JURIX), organized by the University of Luxembourg. Luxembourg, 13th of December 2017

Companies operating internationally or wanting to branch out to other countries and markets, face multiple difficulties to engaging in trade abroad and to localise their products and services to other countries. The management of compliance (i.e. conformance to a set of laws, regulations, policies, or best practices) is one of the key factors of success, and the latest developments in technology enable a new sort of applications that facilitate the management of compliance. In order to develop new regtech products and services to assist lawyers and experts in compliance tasks, a new breed of technologies is necessary using the recent advances in AI. As recently ruled by the German Federal Court of Justice, Compliance Management System can lead to reduction of a fine –eventually only those companies with advanced compliance systems will be able to compete.

This 1st TeReCom workshop welcomes research in technologies for regulatory compliance, specially if using semantic resources or if applying Artificial Intelligence advances. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Automatic Regulatory Compliance Systems
  • Legal text mining systems towards Compliance
  • Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Technologies for Multilingual or Multijurisdiction Compliance
  • Alignment of legislation and company workflows towards Compliance
  • Services and tools for Compliance in specific domains (financial, media, healthcare...)
  • Automated policy processing and policy-based systems
  • Automatic processing of International Standards and Legislation
  • Legal Data Portals and linked data for Compliance
  • Legal Knowlege Graphs
  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Legal Ontologies, Vocabularies and Thesauri useful for Compliance
  • Any other user of Artificial Intelligence towards Compliance

We invite researchers to submit their original papers (drafts 4-10 pages, final papers: 8-10 pages, 2400 words) on these themes.

15 November 2017: Submission of draft paper (at least 4 pages)
25 November 2017: Notification of acceptance
5 December 2017: Submission of nearly final version of paper for workshop documentation
13 December 2017: workshop at JURIX2017
13 December 2017: final version of paper for on-line publication at CEUR-WS

Please follow the LNCS-LNAI format and make the submission through the Easychair conference system.

Accepted papers

  • Keynote talk Guido Governatori - The Regorous Methodology
  • (the rest to be confirmed)

Supported by LYNX: Building the Legal Knowledge Graph for Smart Compliance Services in Multilingual Europe