ITFLOWS H2020 Project

The Institute of Law and Technology is a proud partner of the ITFLOWS project that started on September 2020. The Consortium is moved by two common goals: predict migration and facilitate integration of refugees. Follow @ITFLOWS1 on Twitter for updates on the project’s achievements.

EFUS Cutting Crime Impact Web Conference

On 30th October 2020, Dr. Jorge González-Conejero introduced the RightsApp Project in the EFUS Cutting Crime Impact Web Conferences. The session was focused on Crime Alerting Applications in their different forms:  

RightsApp @ FEPSU Community

On the 28th March 2019, Dr. Jorge González-Conejero presented a poster introducing RightsApp project to the FEPSU community at the main event of the “New challenges, new answers: innovation and urban security” session that will be held in Barcelona (