Who we are

The UAB Institute of Law and Technology (IDT), housed at the Faculty of Law, is a research centre promoting cutting-edge research on Law and Technology from an interdisciplinary perspective. The IDT was created in 2005 and emerged out of the former UAB Socio-legal Studies Group (GRES). At present, the areas of research include Law and Artificial Intelligence, legal culture and judicial studies, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and online dispute resolution (ODR), legal ontologies, the Semantic Web, Data Protection, Ethics and regulations for the Web of Data.

The foundation of the IDT in 2005 represented a step further in different ways. First, the Institute was officially established as a UAB Research Centre within the Department of Political Science and Public Law. Its permanent staff was enlarged and it attracted researchers from other Law departments (International law, Criminal law, and Commercial law), from institutions on the UAB campus (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute [IIIA-CSIC]), from the UPC, the CNRS, as well as from technology companies. Second, the IDT-UAB devoted a major research effort on law and technology related issues, becoming a partner of large EU Projects and of industrial Spanish Projects.

The IDT-UAB team is able to take care of: (i) setting the normative requirements for the project approach; (ii) building the regulative model for the upcoming platform and workflow of data; (iii) carrying out the knowledge acquisition process; (iv) fleshing out the governance and ethical principles for the whole system; (v) taking care of the ongoing Data Protection enhancement in the European legislation; (vi) linking the project with the work of the Ethical Committee all along the development of the project; and (vii) semantics in order to provide interoperability among different European countries. IDT researchers are also able to contribute significantly to the organization of specialized Workshops, and the dissemination of the project findings and results through scientific publications and presentations in the main Data Protection and Law & Technology Conferences and Workshops.